Project Z-INF

Data management and integration

Project leaders

Prof. Dr. Alexander J. Probst & Dr. Daniela Beisser

Project Summary

The Z-INF project represents the backbone for data management and data integration to facilitate collaboration inside RESIST. Data storage and data exchange between RESIST’s individual projects and with external institutions will be coordinated by Z-INF, for which a respective infrastructure will be established. Central data storage facilities will ensure archiving and accessibility of raw and processed data of RESIST. Management of research data for exchange between projects, for publications and future internal and external use will be provided and maintained.

For the provided data, data type descriptors with respect to file format, content, sample and experimental affiliation, generation of the data (hardware, software, versions, parameters) will be developed and applied. With mandatory documentation of the generated data, in form of metadata and the introduction of an electronic laboratory notebook connected to the data management system, we will contribute to ensuring reproducible research. In the scope of further utilisation of the data, pipelines and tools for data integration will be developed to analyse multiple data sources in conjunction with regard to stressor effects across experimental systems and analysed organisms. This involves the development of methods to integrate heterogeneous types of data starting in the first period of the CRC and the application of advanced statistical and machine learning techniques realised more profoundly in the Phases 2 and 3.