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Integrated Research Training Group of RESIST (IRTG RESIST)

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Project Summary

The Integrated Research Training Group of RESIST (IRTG RESIST) will provide a platform for multi- and interdisciplinary education and teaching in the scientific field of multiple stressor research. The IRTG will offer a comprehensive training programme for doctoral researchers, who are employed within the CRC, and associated doctoral researchers. It consists of a colloquium with a distinct lecture series, a doctoral seminar, summer schools, as well as annual retreat (self-organised). Additionally, the IRTG will offer a variety of advanced lectures and seminars out of the existing water curricula, and soft skill courses provided by the Graduate Centre Plus at the UDE and the Research Academy Ruhr.

Hence, education within the IRTG will not only promote the excellence of science within the CRC but also prepare the participating doctoral researchers for their future career either in academia, water industry or public services. Together with the already running NRW Forschungskolleg Future Water the IRTG will form the core of the Water Graduate School (WGS) coordinated by the Centre for Water and Environmental Research (ZWU).

The overall goal of the IRTG is to train an excellent next generation of scientists with integrative competences in analysing stream ecosystems from the molecular to the ecosystem level. The IRTG will provide a structural framework for graduate training within RESIST and at the same time promote the scientific independence and career development of its doctoral researchers. As all RESIST PIs (Principal investigators) will participate in the IRTG, it will not only provide an intensive and personalised supervision for all doctoral researchers, but also offer them an excellent and interdisciplinary scientific education.

After the recruitment procedure, all doctoral researchers of RESIST will become members of the IRTG. Doctoral researchers from the research groups of the participating PIs with thematically related research projects may benefit from the activities of the IRTG (retreats, summer schools, courses, etc.) as associate members. Due to the variety of participating universities and research institutes, regular meetings of the doctoral researchers at different locations will be accompanied by the use of video conference tools.

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