Doctoral researchers

Tom Lennard Stach

Project A01

Thesis: Response of aquatic microbiomes and viromes to multiple stressors

Daria Baikova

Project A02

Thesis: Effect of multiple stressors on microbial DOC degradation

Una Hadziomerovic

Project A02

Thesis: Effect of multiple stressors on microbial biomass recycling

Serge Mayombo

Project A03

Thesis: Functional and compositional responses of stream microphytobenthic communities to multiple stressors increase and decrease

Aman Deep

Project A04

Thesis: The roles of bacteria and fungi for CPOM degradation during stressor increase and release: A metatranscriptomic approach

Lisa Boden

Project A06

Thesis: Stressor modulated community responses and functional redundancy of microbial predator-prey interactions

Annemie Doliwa

Project A07

Thesis: Degradation and recovery of protistan parasite communities under multiple stressors

Iris Madge Pimentel

Project A08

Thesis: Individual and combined stressor effects on freshwater invertebrate communities and an associated ecosystem function

Sebastian Prati

Project A09

Thesis: Effects of stream degradation and recovery on metazoan parasite communities: a multiple stressor approach

Anna-Maria Vermiert

Project A10

Thesis: Predator-mediated shifts in benthic invertebrate community composition in multiply-stressed riverine ecosystems

Camilo Escobar

Project A11

Thesis: Multiple stressor effects on sculpins (Cottus sp.) and related top-down effects on riverine food-websultiple stressor effects on Cottus spp.

Alexandra Schlenker

Project A12

Thesis: Effects of multiple stressors on food web architechture and processes

Shaista Khaliq

Project A13

Thesis: Diet-consumer interactions under variable stressor conditions as revealed by stable isotope studies of individual amino acids

Kristin Peters

Project A14

Thesis: Spatio-temporal dynamics of environmental variables, stressors and their interactions on the instream- and catchment scale

Graciela Medina-Madariaga

Project A15

Thesis: Enhancing the predictive ability of species distribution models: stressor interactions, life cycle and depicting degradation and recovery

Julian Enß

Project A16

Thesis: Biotic and abiotic drivers of macroinvertebrate dispersal

Svenja Gillmann

Project A17

Thesis: Temporal and spatial effects of stressors, biotic interactions and dispersal on riverine benthic invertebrate community variability

Luan Farias

Project A18

Thesis: Delineating multiple stressor-response relationships at the individual level: A mechanistic modelling approach

Annabel Kuppels

Project A19

Thesis: Testing the Asymmetric Response Concept in disturbed and recovering stream ecosystems: integrating the contributions of multi-stressor tolerance, dispersal and biotic interactions to (A)symmetry of Response

Helena Soraya Bayat

Project A20

Thesis: The role of individual tolerance in community assembly during degradation and recovery