Gender & Diversity

Gender equality and diversity

RESIST intends to increase diversity on all levels to ensure that no one is discriminated against on the basis of age, gender or origin, for example. Specifically, we want to…

  • …increase the rate of women in scientific career especially beyond the PhD. We support female scientists and help to avoid gender-specific obstacles on the way towards a professorship. Based on the structures already available (Gleichstellung an der UDE) we take own measures and efforts to promote female scientists.
  • …provide a family friendly working environment that supports parents in the CRC to combine family and scientific career (support by UDE family service).
  • …improve the conditions of foreign researchers e.g. by supporting with administrative tasks to promote their scientific career and to have a fair and open working environment (further information by UDE international office).

Specific measures

  • Workshop to train researchers in fair quality management and gender mainstreaming, endorsing a change in role models that will allow men to take care of their children and women to be fully acknowledged in their scientific field.
  • Detect diversity-related issues in the RESIST-team.
  • Complementary measures to promote the academic success of female scientists, support caregivers and provide parental support for scientists with children in addition to the offers by the UDE family service.
    • offer student helpers to relieve scientists from routine tasks funded by RESIST.
    • offer support for childcare during RESIST events supported the UDE family service.
  • Mentoring programmes, management training, and individual coaching for female scientists and family caregivers.
  • Avoid discrimination due to gender, origin, age or other factors.
  • Career workshops with presentations of successful female scientists employed in research and the business world.
  • Alumni will give insights into their experience in achieving their first career steps.
  • The RESIST diversity board composed of PIs, post-docs and doctoral researchers will guide and evaluate the measures taken.

Workshops and other measures


  • Workshop Gender competent recruiting / Gender-kompetent Auswahlverfahren gestalten for PIs (Dr. Stephanie Sera)


  • Workshop Gender equality (for doctoral researchers) (Dr. Sabine Blackmore)
  • Survey for CRC members to reveal diversity-related problems


  • Workshop Inequalities in science careers and what we can do about it (Dr. Heather Hofmeister)
  • Workshop Sexual harassment, discrimination and violence in the university context / Sexualisierte Belästigung, Diskriminierung und Gewalt (SBDG) im Hochschulkontext (Dr. Sabine Blackmore)
  • Workshop Gender equality (for doctoral researchers) (Dr. Sabine Blackmore)