Gender & Diversity

Gender equality and diversity

RESIST intends to increase the rate of women in scientific career especially beyond the PhD. We support female scientists and help to avoid gender-specific obstacles on the way towards a professorship. Based on the structures already available (Gleichstellung an der UDE) we take own measures and efforts to promote female scientists and provide a family friendly working environment.

Specific measures

  • Workshops to train researchers in fair quality management and gender mainstreaming, endorsing a change in role models that will allow men to take care of their children and women to be fully acknowledged in their scientific field
  • Complementary measures to promote the academic success of female scientists, support caregivers and provide parental support for scientists with children in addition to the offers by the UDE family service
  • Mentoring programmes, management training, and individual coaching for female scientists and family caregivers
  • Career workshops with presentations of successful female scientists employed in research and the business world
  • Alumni will give insights into their experience in achieving their first career steps
  • Child-care during RESIST events